Supermarket – Edgware Road W1

This client was referred to us by one of his family members who was a client of ours also. There was a VAT investigation that had been going on for 2 years prior to us taking it on. The case had been represented by the client’s accountant based in central London. At the point we were approached the case was at its final stage and an assessment had been raised for £ 200,000 approx. The next step was the HMRC debt collections team were to arrive for seizure of goods.

We took the case and re opened all matters that had been concluded up till now by raising valid arguments. The case from that point was handled by us for another year.  We managed to convince the HMRC that the entire analysis and basis of the VAT being applied was void. The case was settled at a remarkably low amount of £8,000. This is one of our very proud cases settled.

During this whole situation the HMRC initiated a Corporation tax investigation as well. This was also handled amicably in the client’s favour.